Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Must have IPhone Apps!

For so long I was #teamandroid especially in favor of Samsung products! I quickly realized that all I was really longing for was an Iphone and rebelling against the status quo. As I begin to critically analyze marketing tactics, phone functionality, user friendliness, phone cosmetics and the network the phone is attached to I could see that Apple made pretty sophisticated, calculated and well rounded choices in each area. I mean whats the point of having a phone with a million features that are in the Beta phase of functionality- Samsung. Also what is the point of having a phone with a million apps and have a shitty network- T-MOBILE. LOL! However I digress... this post isnt about phone bashing or carrier bashing its about 7 really cool apps that you can get for your Iphone that I think are pretty dope!!!

1. SilvrSpoon Ap

So here is the deal with the SilvrSpoon Ap- you check in at a restaurant using the bar code scanner on the ap, you order and browse the menu on your mobile device, you share reviews information etc and you earn rewards and coupons. Ofcourse we all love coupons!!! You can visit their website for a list of participating restaurants and there are quite a few.

2. Zip Car App
Everyone knows about "Zip Car" right? Well if you don't its car sharing in a rental car format. This App allows you to find participating Zip Car sites in your area. Here is another dope ass feature you can chose, unlock and honk the horn of the car all from your Iphone. So whether you're on a business trip or just trying to be energy efficient and reserve some energy this is a useful App to have.

3. My Fitness Pal
#TeamFitness a lot of people say "Calorie counting" doesn't work. Well it works for me infact it works quite well I have lost 7lbs in 7 weeks and according to doctors that's pretty healthy. So if you're like me this is an easy to use application that calculates your weight goals and sets up a maximum amount of calories you are supposed to eat each day including nutrients, the app also includes your exercise routines and notifies you of weigh ins to make sure you stay on track. If you can't enter calories from your handheld once a day I gotta tell you your issue isn't convenience its motivation - send me a message maybe I'll research an app for that- seriously.

4. Open Table
 So we're back on "food" again which is probably why I need My Fitness Pal , seriously though this Ap is pretty neat if you're on the road or just spontaneously want to visit a nice restaurant you can make reservations at their 15000 participating clients in the US and the UK.  You can refine your search to reflect criteria that fit your taste buds and budget, definitely worth downloading. I thinks its going for $2

5. Mortgage Calculator App
Time to be a grown up--- yuk! But in those rare times here is an app that is sure to bring convenience to home owners. This particular app calculates your mortgage, taxes, expenses and possible foreclosure rates! Its a handy tool if you work in realestate or if you need to keep up with bills and such.

6. BarCheck App
I heard about this App a while ago and just didnt know how "euphoric" it was! The Bar Check App allows a patron like yourself to walk in a store, scan the barcode of the product you are interested in and by doing so you bring up price comparisons by Amazon, Best buy, Google and Yahoo Shopping. This is smart buying and  bargaining leverage guaranteed!

7.  Air Cassette App 

This App doesnt do much but its hella Retro and pretty cool looking. I got a whiff of the app today by cruising on Mobeledia   and I thought hey a blast from the blast- nice. It pretty much just looks neat and plays your music like any other music player does.

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