Sunday, November 13, 2011


By: T M Johnson

I think I've found "my hero" or at least a tech pro who incorporates all the various things that I myself would like to be apart of. This Technology hero's name is: Mario Armstrong you may have seen him on CNN, CBS, or heard a podcast of him on a tech related subject. Mario being an African American from the city of Maryland has excelled in ways that I wasn't sure was possible in the tech world. He caught my attention once or twice when I saw him talking tech on CNN but I think the real clincher was when he won the 2011 Emmy for the "Best TV show" host, from that point forward I could see that his hard work was producing phenomenal results and I had to follow him a little more closely.  Yesterday I viewed him doing wall to wall coverage on the Consumer Electronics Show which I did a quick post on and later that day had the pleasure of viewing: Innovation Nation on CNN where they talk to a richly diverse panel of results oriented start up business owners.

Please visit Mario Armstrong's website and the website of other Technology based websites supporting and encouraging African Americans too further their career in technology.

Blacks In Technology
Women In Technology
Black Web 2.0
Mobile Media Now @ BlogSpot

By: Mario Armstrong

By Mario Armstrong

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