Thursday, November 10, 2011

IPAD Lovers can Asus Eee Transformer Prime, transform ya?!

Many are absolutely “sprung” off of Apple products and this little tech girl is one of them, Apple is notorious for their sleek, sexy, design , ease of usage and superior  marketing ability and as a advent apple user I can honestly say this is not all hype either. It is however a bitch when something in the software/hardware breaks down and you have to fixed but the malfunctions are no where near standard devices, with that being said mobilemedianow@blogspot wants to compare Apples and Oranges. The question is: Is the new release of the “Asus Eee Transformer  Prime” enough to transform an IPAD2 user to an Android user?

The Asus Eee Transformer Prime begin circulating tech blog sites in early November proving to be a worthy topic as Asus is also a manufacturer of motherboards and other computer hardware peripherals. The Asus original transformer while it worked great was clunky, boxy and plain – it just wasn’t sexy so many quickly diverted their attention to tablets like: Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom etc. The Transformer Prime housing a quad core processor housed by NVIDIA running on the critically acclaimed Icecream Sandwich OS/ Android 4.0, a sleek new design ranging in colors from Gray to Champagne and is slightly smaller than that of the IPAD. 

The Ipad dimensions being 9 Inches while the transformer coddles at 8.33 MM. The I pad 2 only having a dual core processor running on the IOs 4.3 and possessing many of the same features of the IPAD with the exception of  its10 total hours of battery life which is pretty impressive!  Now let’s talk about the Asus Eee transformer  Prime the battery life  is a whopping 18 hours ! Yes I said it 18 hours the contingency is that its 18 hours if you attach the keyboard to it but w/o the keyboard you’re looking at 12 hours total. The screen display for the “Prime” is 1280 x 800 while the Ipad 2 is 1024 x 768 however visually the graphic frames of Apple products have always reined supreme due to the frame rates and in IPAD 2 case they’re using a 1GHZ dual core chip to display those graphics not to mention the release of “I movie” on the IPAD 2.

The Ipad 2 is certainly nothing to sneeze at, as a matter  of fact holding one in your hand is like “binary sex” it feels so damn good. The Ipad 2 has a smooth fox like exterior that makes you feel like you’re rubbing on the interior of Mercedes Benz E class, I’m just saying.  I have yet to have the pleasure of holding a Asus EEE transformer in my hands and navigating through its  interface therefore my view point comes down to hardware and performance but human nature would dictate that how something makes you “feel” can be as important as   how it works.  

Last but not least lets talk about the camera’s on both the Asus and Ipad2. I’m thinking that Ipad2 would be awarded an #epicfail in this category. While the Pad has an HD lens on the back lens it simply does not utilize the HD feature at full capacity making it a cosmetic feature with no  real relevance. The Prime isn’t extremely impressive either but reasonable as it uses a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front and an 8 megapixel camera on the back lens making  the camera as useful as a digital camera was in 2009. Infact I still have my digital camera from 2009 and have yet  to upgrade because it still works  pretty good.

Keeping with the spirit of “Iconic” cartoon references now that you have the specs/facts about the Ipad 2 and Asus Eee transformer you as a consumer can make an informed decision and knowing is half the battle! GI JOE!

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