Saturday, November 5, 2011

Groupon IPO Prices 35M Shares At $20 Each: Report

I happen to be searching the internet for tech worthy topics and it just wouldn't be right if I didnt repost this article about "Groupon" . If anyone knows about "Groupon" , which everyone should by now. It is a company founded on the idea of "Couponing" as a resource for groups of individuals to purchase from businesses as a tool of "mass marketing". It is quite ingenious and the public at large thought so too! In the first quarter of this year Groupon made 1.5 billion and was able to boldly turn down a 7 billion dollar deal from Google before they went public.  Groupon has paved the way for business' like Poggle, Living Social, Yelp and mobile companies like IZIGG to offer customers the option of getting great discounts from their favorite business' and inspiring repeat business. With that being said here is the article published by "Forbes" :

Groupon has priced its IPO at $20 per share, offering 35 million shares, according to AllThingsD. That’s above the expected 30 million shares with a range of $16 -$18.
The offering is 10 times oversubscribed, reports AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher.The deal would total $700 million, up from an expected $540 million.Groupon’s IPO has been one of the most highly anticipated of the year. Groupon has been described (in this magazine and elsewhere) as the fastest growing company in history more

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