Saturday, November 5, 2011

Apple vs. The World!

Mobile media and technology has become such a huge contributor to the market at large the competition has become fierce, relentless, cut throat and malicious! I don't know about you but I for one love it!!!

In 2009 Apple reined "supreme" as it innovated mobile technology due in part too the Iphone's release to the public at large. The Iphone open the flood gates for touchscreen usage on a mobile device, its use of apps which now goes un uttered in the mobile tech world, and the popular Apple OS as its branded operating system. Apple quickly diverted market share and sent companies like Motorolla, Google, Samsung and Windows back to the drawing board! 

Fast forward the tape to 2011 and you have Android phones running operating systems such as Android 3.1 and newly released Android 4.0 affectionately knows as the "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS. The android market app store, touch screens, windows mobile etc. are all used as tools of competition and technical warfare in response too the Iphone.  However the Iphone still remains attractive and highly desired by society at large! Early 2011 Apple received several injunctions against Samsung for the technologies used in their Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Recently it was reported Samsung is now in court practically begging Apple to hand over some licensing and patent technology. Simultaneously Apple has received its own painful blow from Motorola after receiving an injunction in Germany over usage of Motorola's mobile technology, needless to say the war rages on!!! Apple has also had to endure the recent passing of their long time CEO Steve Jobs. 

This is why I say Apple vs. The World!!! It is clear that their technology used is superior and more attractive to society at large. As a consumer I have seen "hype" surrounding nearly every new technology you can think of and being one who has bought into hypes I usually am disappointed by the results. In the case of the Iphone, Ipad, macbooks, I can honestly say I have never been disappointed by Apple. I believe their Unix based operating system is far more consistent and reliable than that of Microsoft. I can also respect the "branding" genius enginued behind Apple's marekting techniques- I must pay homage and respect because they're undeniable. Other technology companies know it too this is why they are scrambling for ways to outdue Apple, scrambling for ways to control and manipulate things to either become favorable for them and/or unfavorable Apple. My advice is to continue with the model that Jobs has set and do not become complacent and to always "be innovating!" I relate this to other great moguls that was awesome at what they do like "Michael Jordan" many will argue Lebron James is a better rebounder etc. etc. but you can't erase what Jordan did in his time and the big shoes he left to be filled! Similar to "Apples" contribution to mobile technology, you can't erase what Iphone has done for mobile technology!

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