Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Must have IPhone Apps!

For so long I was #teamandroid especially in favor of Samsung products! I quickly realized that all I was really longing for was an Iphone and rebelling against the status quo. As I begin to critically analyze marketing tactics, phone functionality, user friendliness, phone cosmetics and the network the phone is attached to I could see that Apple made pretty sophisticated, calculated and well rounded choices in each area. I mean whats the point of having a phone with a million features that are in the Beta phase of functionality- Samsung. Also what is the point of having a phone with a million apps and have a shitty network- T-MOBILE. LOL! However I digress... this post isnt about phone bashing or carrier bashing its about 7 really cool apps that you can get for your Iphone that I think are pretty dope!!!

1. SilvrSpoon Ap

So here is the deal with the SilvrSpoon Ap- you check in at a restaurant using the bar code scanner on the ap, you order and browse the menu on your mobile device, you share reviews information etc and you earn rewards and coupons. Ofcourse we all love coupons!!! You can visit their website for a list of participating restaurants and there are quite a few.

2. Zip Car App
Everyone knows about "Zip Car" right? Well if you don't its car sharing in a rental car format. This App allows you to find participating Zip Car sites in your area. Here is another dope ass feature you can chose, unlock and honk the horn of the car all from your Iphone. So whether you're on a business trip or just trying to be energy efficient and reserve some energy this is a useful App to have.

3. My Fitness Pal
#TeamFitness a lot of people say "Calorie counting" doesn't work. Well it works for me infact it works quite well I have lost 7lbs in 7 weeks and according to doctors that's pretty healthy. So if you're like me this is an easy to use application that calculates your weight goals and sets up a maximum amount of calories you are supposed to eat each day including nutrients, the app also includes your exercise routines and notifies you of weigh ins to make sure you stay on track. If you can't enter calories from your handheld once a day I gotta tell you your issue isn't convenience its motivation - send me a message maybe I'll research an app for that- seriously.

4. Open Table
 So we're back on "food" again which is probably why I need My Fitness Pal , seriously though this Ap is pretty neat if you're on the road or just spontaneously want to visit a nice restaurant you can make reservations at their 15000 participating clients in the US and the UK.  You can refine your search to reflect criteria that fit your taste buds and budget, definitely worth downloading. I thinks its going for $2

5. Mortgage Calculator App
Time to be a grown up--- yuk! But in those rare times here is an app that is sure to bring convenience to home owners. This particular app calculates your mortgage, taxes, expenses and possible foreclosure rates! Its a handy tool if you work in realestate or if you need to keep up with bills and such.

6. BarCheck App
I heard about this App a while ago and just didnt know how "euphoric" it was! The Bar Check App allows a patron like yourself to walk in a store, scan the barcode of the product you are interested in and by doing so you bring up price comparisons by Amazon, Best buy, Google and Yahoo Shopping. This is smart buying and  bargaining leverage guaranteed!

7.  Air Cassette App 

This App doesnt do much but its hella Retro and pretty cool looking. I got a whiff of the app today by cruising on Mobeledia   and I thought hey a blast from the blast- nice. It pretty much just looks neat and plays your music like any other music player does.

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Monday, November 21, 2011


So I see this cool post on Mobileledia regarding Mobile deals being offered to consumers as an alternative and incentive to the pertinacious hustle and bustle of Black Friday. After you read the article  my advice is patrons get your mobile phones ready! 1.  Head to your Android Market and/or Iphone Ap Market and down load a QR Scanner!! 2. Search the web and pay attention to the commercials, media and sales papers. My suggestion for Retailers if you're looking to offer your own mobile platform and reach customers directly through mobile media and mobile advertising click here  or visit the about us page on this blog, also visit my post on: IZIGG explained live in HD! 

-Customers waiting in long store checkout lines on Black Friday may be lured by exclusive, mobile-only deals, as merchants aim to capitalize on the increase of smartphone use to fight back against online rivals. 

Online merchants may seek to ambush crowds in stores during Black Friday by pushing mobile-only deals during peak hours. Fashion flash sales site Gilt Groupe, which runs several popular online shopping destinations like Gilt and Gilt City, plans on running promotions set for early morning the day after Thanksgiving to compete for Black Friday shoppers waiting in line. more

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silvr Spoon "A Mobile Ordering, Royalty and Rewards Platform"

Watch this video on revolutionary new SilvrSpoon Ap if you're a frequent Grubhub Ap user you'll absolutely love this! Stay tuned this weekend for a serious review on the Ap itself for the Iphone 4 and Iphone 4S!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


By: T M Johnson

I think I've found "my hero" or at least a tech pro who incorporates all the various things that I myself would like to be apart of. This Technology hero's name is: Mario Armstrong you may have seen him on CNN, CBS, or heard a podcast of him on a tech related subject. Mario being an African American from the city of Maryland has excelled in ways that I wasn't sure was possible in the tech world. He caught my attention once or twice when I saw him talking tech on CNN but I think the real clincher was when he won the 2011 Emmy for the "Best TV show" host, from that point forward I could see that his hard work was producing phenomenal results and I had to follow him a little more closely.  Yesterday I viewed him doing wall to wall coverage on the Consumer Electronics Show which I did a quick post on and later that day had the pleasure of viewing: Innovation Nation on CNN where they talk to a richly diverse panel of results oriented start up business owners.

Please visit Mario Armstrong's website and the website of other Technology based websites supporting and encouraging African Americans too further their career in technology.

Blacks In Technology
Women In Technology
Black Web 2.0
Mobile Media Now @ BlogSpot

By: Mario Armstrong

By Mario Armstrong

Gadgets! Gadgets! Gadgets! "The 2011 CES Conference"

By T M Johnson

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show unveiled as a pre-show to the big 2012 show in Vegas this January,  will hale some of the biggest names in engineering, technology, and technological innovations. This isn't just a trade show! This is the mark of the future of technology as we know! From innovations like the VCR in the late 70s, HDTV in the early 90s and IPAD in 2010; that you now know and some of which you love - were all unveiled and introduced to consumers from this particular venue!! So as a techy you should be excited! As a consumer you should be excited as well and this blog is going to cover some of the crazy gadgets and innovations you may see soon!

Currently follow 
Mario Armstrong 

He's doing a live streaming video showcasing the event 

Watch live streaming video from marioarmstrongshow at livestream.com

The event taking place in London is reported to be the size of 33 football fields and be featuring over 2700 exhibitors!!!

Here is a few that you can expect to see on  guest list 

Here are some of the new or improved technologies we've heard from these companies:

Ford Cloud Evo
Scheduled to make its full debut at the 2012 conference in
January Ford is going to be using "cloud computing" and a sleek new design will be bringing some of the convenience and comfort to drivers everywhere. 

"Through integration of on-board data about driver preferences with cloud-based information such as work schedules, music and weather conditions, and local data delivered through vehicle-to-vehicle communications, Evos Concept aims to make life simpler. "The car gets to know you and can act as a personal assistant to handle some of the usual routines of a daily commute," said Mascarenas more..."

Intel Insider 
Doesn't Intel make processors and computer hardware? Yes they sure do and as a matter of fact when you get a whiff of the "Intel Insider" you will need a 2nd generation processor to actually create the HD quality picture that you will be able to produce from your computer monitor! 

You can also install the processor on a compatible computing device and begin receiving HD quality signals, producing a euphoric cinematic experience right from home more 

Sony 3D Blogger Camera
Sony a household name, almost like a family pet is re introducing the 3D blogger camera. If nothing else you can suspect that this camera will be taking pictures in 3D possibly using some sort of "firewire" or "fiber optics" cord to transfer data from the camera to your computer. If nothing else I think it will be cool more 

Internet Based Appliances
We all know that this is the year of the tablet and mobile devices, mobile media, and mobile commerce which most people are expecting. While you may heard some buzz about internet based appliances you may want to give it a little bit more of serious thought it looks as if though tech companies are gravitating in the direction of connecting home appliances on the internet. 

Why? Well the short answer is techs can troubleshoot from the office regarding your washing machine, refrigerator etc. , imagine being a able to organize and know what foods your are low on before you open the fridge, keeping abreast to safe temperatures and creating the most efficient environment for your food. Some people may regard this as excessive use of technology and yeah you have the right to be a little uncomfortable with it but these technological advances go with the saying: "Its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

IPAD Lovers can Asus Eee Transformer Prime, transform ya?!

Many are absolutely “sprung” off of Apple products and this little tech girl is one of them, Apple is notorious for their sleek, sexy, design , ease of usage and superior  marketing ability and as a advent apple user I can honestly say this is not all hype either. It is however a bitch when something in the software/hardware breaks down and you have to fixed but the malfunctions are no where near standard devices, with that being said mobilemedianow@blogspot wants to compare Apples and Oranges. The question is: Is the new release of the “Asus Eee Transformer  Prime” enough to transform an IPAD2 user to an Android user?

The Asus Eee Transformer Prime begin circulating tech blog sites in early November proving to be a worthy topic as Asus is also a manufacturer of motherboards and other computer hardware peripherals. The Asus original transformer while it worked great was clunky, boxy and plain – it just wasn’t sexy so many quickly diverted their attention to tablets like: Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom etc. The Transformer Prime housing a quad core processor housed by NVIDIA running on the critically acclaimed Icecream Sandwich OS/ Android 4.0, a sleek new design ranging in colors from Gray to Champagne and is slightly smaller than that of the IPAD. 

The Ipad dimensions being 9 Inches while the transformer coddles at 8.33 MM. The I pad 2 only having a dual core processor running on the IOs 4.3 and possessing many of the same features of the IPAD with the exception of  its10 total hours of battery life which is pretty impressive!  Now let’s talk about the Asus Eee transformer  Prime the battery life  is a whopping 18 hours ! Yes I said it 18 hours the contingency is that its 18 hours if you attach the keyboard to it but w/o the keyboard you’re looking at 12 hours total. The screen display for the “Prime” is 1280 x 800 while the Ipad 2 is 1024 x 768 however visually the graphic frames of Apple products have always reined supreme due to the frame rates and in IPAD 2 case they’re using a 1GHZ dual core chip to display those graphics not to mention the release of “I movie” on the IPAD 2.

The Ipad 2 is certainly nothing to sneeze at, as a matter  of fact holding one in your hand is like “binary sex” it feels so damn good. The Ipad 2 has a smooth fox like exterior that makes you feel like you’re rubbing on the interior of Mercedes Benz E class, I’m just saying.  I have yet to have the pleasure of holding a Asus EEE transformer in my hands and navigating through its  interface therefore my view point comes down to hardware and performance but human nature would dictate that how something makes you “feel” can be as important as   how it works.  

Last but not least lets talk about the camera’s on both the Asus and Ipad2. I’m thinking that Ipad2 would be awarded an #epicfail in this category. While the Pad has an HD lens on the back lens it simply does not utilize the HD feature at full capacity making it a cosmetic feature with no  real relevance. The Prime isn’t extremely impressive either but reasonable as it uses a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front and an 8 megapixel camera on the back lens making  the camera as useful as a digital camera was in 2009. Infact I still have my digital camera from 2009 and have yet  to upgrade because it still works  pretty good.

Keeping with the spirit of “Iconic” cartoon references now that you have the specs/facts about the Ipad 2 and Asus Eee transformer you as a consumer can make an informed decision and knowing is half the battle! GI JOE!

Nokia Lumia 800: in-depth 8-minute video documentary

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Apple vs. The World!

Mobile media and technology has become such a huge contributor to the market at large the competition has become fierce, relentless, cut throat and malicious! I don't know about you but I for one love it!!!

In 2009 Apple reined "supreme" as it innovated mobile technology due in part too the Iphone's release to the public at large. The Iphone open the flood gates for touchscreen usage on a mobile device, its use of apps which now goes un uttered in the mobile tech world, and the popular Apple OS as its branded operating system. Apple quickly diverted market share and sent companies like Motorolla, Google, Samsung and Windows back to the drawing board! 

Fast forward the tape to 2011 and you have Android phones running operating systems such as Android 3.1 and newly released Android 4.0 affectionately knows as the "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS. The android market app store, touch screens, windows mobile etc. are all used as tools of competition and technical warfare in response too the Iphone.  However the Iphone still remains attractive and highly desired by society at large! Early 2011 Apple received several injunctions against Samsung for the technologies used in their Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Recently it was reported Samsung is now in court practically begging Apple to hand over some licensing and patent technology. Simultaneously Apple has received its own painful blow from Motorola after receiving an injunction in Germany over usage of Motorola's mobile technology, needless to say the war rages on!!! Apple has also had to endure the recent passing of their long time CEO Steve Jobs. 

This is why I say Apple vs. The World!!! It is clear that their technology used is superior and more attractive to society at large. As a consumer I have seen "hype" surrounding nearly every new technology you can think of and being one who has bought into hypes I usually am disappointed by the results. In the case of the Iphone, Ipad, macbooks, I can honestly say I have never been disappointed by Apple. I believe their Unix based operating system is far more consistent and reliable than that of Microsoft. I can also respect the "branding" genius enginued behind Apple's marekting techniques- I must pay homage and respect because they're undeniable. Other technology companies know it too this is why they are scrambling for ways to outdue Apple, scrambling for ways to control and manipulate things to either become favorable for them and/or unfavorable Apple. My advice is to continue with the model that Jobs has set and do not become complacent and to always "be innovating!" I relate this to other great moguls that was awesome at what they do like "Michael Jordan" many will argue Lebron James is a better rebounder etc. etc. but you can't erase what Jordan did in his time and the big shoes he left to be filled! Similar to "Apples" contribution to mobile technology, you can't erase what Iphone has done for mobile technology!

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Groupon IPO Prices 35M Shares At $20 Each: Report

I happen to be searching the internet for tech worthy topics and it just wouldn't be right if I didnt repost this article about "Groupon" . If anyone knows about "Groupon" , which everyone should by now. It is a company founded on the idea of "Couponing" as a resource for groups of individuals to purchase from businesses as a tool of "mass marketing". It is quite ingenious and the public at large thought so too! In the first quarter of this year Groupon made 1.5 billion and was able to boldly turn down a 7 billion dollar deal from Google before they went public.  Groupon has paved the way for business' like Poggle, Living Social, Yelp and mobile companies like IZIGG to offer customers the option of getting great discounts from their favorite business' and inspiring repeat business. With that being said here is the article published by "Forbes" :

Groupon has priced its IPO at $20 per share, offering 35 million shares, according to AllThingsD. That’s above the expected 30 million shares with a range of $16 -$18.
The offering is 10 times oversubscribed, reports AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher.The deal would total $700 million, up from an expected $540 million.Groupon’s IPO has been one of the most highly anticipated of the year. Groupon has been described (in this magazine and elsewhere) as the fastest growing company in history more

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