Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gadgets! Gadgets! Gadgets! "The 2011 CES Conference"

By T M Johnson

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show unveiled as a pre-show to the big 2012 show in Vegas this January,  will hale some of the biggest names in engineering, technology, and technological innovations. This isn't just a trade show! This is the mark of the future of technology as we know! From innovations like the VCR in the late 70s, HDTV in the early 90s and IPAD in 2010; that you now know and some of which you love - were all unveiled and introduced to consumers from this particular venue!! So as a techy you should be excited! As a consumer you should be excited as well and this blog is going to cover some of the crazy gadgets and innovations you may see soon!

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Mario Armstrong 

He's doing a live streaming video showcasing the event 

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The event taking place in London is reported to be the size of 33 football fields and be featuring over 2700 exhibitors!!!

Here is a few that you can expect to see on  guest list 

Here are some of the new or improved technologies we've heard from these companies:

Ford Cloud Evo
Scheduled to make its full debut at the 2012 conference in
January Ford is going to be using "cloud computing" and a sleek new design will be bringing some of the convenience and comfort to drivers everywhere. 

"Through integration of on-board data about driver preferences with cloud-based information such as work schedules, music and weather conditions, and local data delivered through vehicle-to-vehicle communications, Evos Concept aims to make life simpler. "The car gets to know you and can act as a personal assistant to handle some of the usual routines of a daily commute," said Mascarenas more..."

Intel Insider 
Doesn't Intel make processors and computer hardware? Yes they sure do and as a matter of fact when you get a whiff of the "Intel Insider" you will need a 2nd generation processor to actually create the HD quality picture that you will be able to produce from your computer monitor! 

You can also install the processor on a compatible computing device and begin receiving HD quality signals, producing a euphoric cinematic experience right from home more 

Sony 3D Blogger Camera
Sony a household name, almost like a family pet is re introducing the 3D blogger camera. If nothing else you can suspect that this camera will be taking pictures in 3D possibly using some sort of "firewire" or "fiber optics" cord to transfer data from the camera to your computer. If nothing else I think it will be cool more 

Internet Based Appliances
We all know that this is the year of the tablet and mobile devices, mobile media, and mobile commerce which most people are expecting. While you may heard some buzz about internet based appliances you may want to give it a little bit more of serious thought it looks as if though tech companies are gravitating in the direction of connecting home appliances on the internet. 

Why? Well the short answer is techs can troubleshoot from the office regarding your washing machine, refrigerator etc. , imagine being a able to organize and know what foods your are low on before you open the fridge, keeping abreast to safe temperatures and creating the most efficient environment for your food. Some people may regard this as excessive use of technology and yeah you have the right to be a little uncomfortable with it but these technological advances go with the saying: "Its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"  

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