Monday, August 15, 2011

At&t scheduled to pay $39 billion for T-Mobile

TechCrunch  today leaked news of FCC filings that telecom conglomerate at&t will be acquiring t-mobile for $39 billion! Makes you tremble in your seat doesn't it? Even Warren Buffet sneezed when he heard that amount! The Question is why do it At&t? Many consumers may think its just because, to dominate but no, it is actually to remain relevant!  

Get use to these 3 simple letters "LTE" , 4G LTE is the wave of the future there is even talk of Apple testing "LTE" on the release of Iphone 5.  Appolicious reports that At&t has plans to expand their network to rural areas and to accommodate the 4G LTE in the release of the latest mobile devices, buying t-mobile will add many streams of income and increase their profitability, therefore expanding their customer base and making way for the new technologies. 

I for one am not completely "optimistic" about the merger and here is why: I live in a major metro area and at&t's coverage is the worst! Drop calls, late voicemails etc. etc. You would think with it's signature mobile device the Iphone its network would be superior but it is not! Next up is 'T-mobile" I would say they have a lot of issues as well! The 4G network they have converted over too is very immature and unstable. As far as networks are concerned both of these carriers have a lack of consistency to field. What is the point of a brand new shiny phone if you can't use it? Besides being a fashion statement- I kidd! It devalues the $500 you spent on your mobile device.

Well I am looking forward to seeing how this merger will unfold, how it will benefit the consumer and what other surprises this may bring.

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