Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Technology is Fashion" by: Taleice J.

Technology is literally the fashion statement of the century! Don’t believe me? Have you ever walked into an “Apple Store” and observed the ambiance? Apple has this cool, futuristic, confidence that makes you feel silly for not buying anything! Apple’s “branding” strategy is un matched as it was reported that Apple net income is more than the entire United States! How is that for a deficit solution? And tell me what do you think of someone who has an IPAD over a regular tablet or someone who has an Iphone 4 versus a regular old Android? I’ll tell you what you think, you think “hey he/she is really cool!”  The type of cellular phone you have, electronic or computing device is now a tool to compliment your “swag”!

I believe it begin in the early 2000’s when two way pagers where beginning to be seen as a status symbol due to their appearance on the “Source” award show! So now that we know technology is indeed a fashion, a sort of accessory to our “swag” arsenal how can we leverage this so that we can make money? I’ll tell you how! Its reported that 50% of the population in the U.S is 30 and under and 90% of that population is on facebook, out of that demographic 90% of them prefer to text.  Mobile phone applications keep us interested in our mobile devices and wanting to use them more and more for every possible thing you can think of!

My company “Ne Media” realizes that mobile phones are an accessory developing into a “necessity”! That is why we stand behind the “Izigg’ brand, it is a tool that allows business’ to connect with customers through text and customers to connect with their favorite business’ through text. The format is pretty simple you’d text: “YOUR KEYWORD” to “90210”, 90210 is a  shortcode that is highly recognizable because of "Beverly Hills" 90210 and boom you’re in the business owner you prefer  mobile database.  Test it out! Text “nemedia” to 90210 and you’ll get an instant message from one of our managing partners. 

You can also check us out on the web at: 

Mobile media is going to explode what end of the spectrum will you be on? Contact us today. 

Meanwhile stay fashionable and sexy, I don’t know about you but I think the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the best tablet out and is going to give Ipad a sure run for their money! 

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