Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it a slap in the face that Verizon workers are walking out on their Jobs, when so many people don't have one?

 By: Taleice J

Mobile Media Now dares to ask the question: Are Verizon workers seriously walking out on their job when so many people don't have a job right now? If you don't know Verizon has the #1 network in the United States, some remark that their plans are costly and their customer service isn't the greatest but one thing is for certain their network is superior! Verizon's network has the ability to switch from analog to digital at a moments notice! Even Apple couldn't deny them partnership with the release of the IPhone 4.

Still the question rages on, are the Verizon union workers out of their mind? I would say: "YES!" I know it sounds a little harsh but let me lay on you the unemployment statistics, US Bureau of Labor reports "117,000 more unemployed in July, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 9.1 percent".  Millions of Americans are still out of job or under employed and here we have Verizon "union" workers pushing for contract renegotiation. It all seems like a oxymoron if you ask me. As far as I have read: It doesn't appear to be a situation where these union workers are working in "poor conditions" , not receiving fair treatment, nor are they being asked to take a pay cut! I know for a fact Verizon offers great benefits: 401k, employee stock plan, discounted and free mobile & internet services and incremental raises annually.

It is this writer's opinion that Verizon Union workers need to sit down and "eat there cheese sandwich" a colloquialism for "sit down and shut up!" In this day and age having a strike is a luxury one in which America as a whole cannot afford.

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