Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who is Ne Media? Big Deal who cares!!

Why should you care about another “marketing” company? I will tell you why! The future of marketing is here with the “opt” in base text marketing! Have you ever watched American Idol and been told to “Vote for your favoritie person Text blabla to blabla” unfortunately you get stuck with a .99cent charge but nonetheless Idol lovers still vote! With our product there is no charge but the traditional cell phone charge that t-mobile, sprint, at/t etc charges!! A customer would text a keyword to the shortcode of “90210’ and BAM they’d get a mobile couponing.
  • We know coupoining works because Google made 1.5 billion in the first quarter this year!
  • We know that Cell phones are the accessory of choice! With the Iphone, Androids, and Windows based phones.
  • So why do we care? MONEY! We care because of one keyword: “MONEY”
A business owner now has a big league “viral” marketing strategy at their disposal. You can get your customers to text “YOUR KEYWORD” to “90210” and from there you can send them coupons and deals that they want and love. Simple

For a customer you’re getting cool deals and info to your phone. So as a customer you SAVE money as a Business owner you make Money. Make Sense???

You can visit us on the web at Ne Media Chicago

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