Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Ways to Win a Sale Using Your Customer's Mobile

You can safely assume that nearly every person who interacts with your business has a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet computer on them. Mobile devices are always on and always ready for you to suggest mobile interactions that will move people closer to a purchase decision.
The first step in taking advantage of mobile devices is to think about every possible place where your business has a chance to interact with potential customers. For example:
• Viewing an ad
• Browsing the web
• Walking into your store
• Visiting your office
• Meeting you at a networking event
• Talking to a friend

Once you have a list of places where you typically interact with prospects and customers, compare your list with the following five mobile interactions to see which of them can help you to win a sale at the point of interaction or shortly thereafter.

1. Mobile Commerce
If someone is ready to buy at the point of interaction, you can win a sale by suggesting an immediate mobile purchase and payment. You can point people to a mobile website for a web-Some people who encounter your advertising, website or in-store products are ready to buy right away and aren’t necessarily expecting a convenient way to make an immediate purchase. You can offer a speedy customer experience and strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, by pointing people to a mobile website for a fast web-based purchase, or by swiping a customer’s credit card from anywhere using your own mobile device and a mobile payment service such as Intuit's GoPayment solution.

2. Mobile Discounts

Sometimes getting people to make a buying decision is as simple as offering a little extra value in return for acting immediately. Instead of promoting a coupon or discount offer to the masses, you can make your customers feel special by asking them to request an exclusive discount at the point-of-sale via a mobile device. For example, you can use a mobile text-messaging platform to enable mobile text coupons and then ask customers to text the words "your company coupon" to your short phone number (known as a shortcode). When they text-in, the system responds instantly with a coupon or discount offer just for them.


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