Monday, August 22, 2011

DePaul University goes Mobile!

Strolling in from work I routinely check the mail as I always do once a Low and behold I get a "mailer" from my Alumni association DePaul University, a private catholic school located in Chicago IL, in the diversely populated Lincoln Park area. I notice that the mailer talked about a fund: "The Moore Fund" requesting Alumni  donate and participate in what they call the Moore challenge. I scroll down to the bottom and what do I see? A QR code encouraging Alum to scan it, this scan will lead readers directly to the website straight from their handheld.

As a mobile media advocate I was impressed, even a private catholic institution such as DePaul recognizes the value in modernizing their messages and catering to the current audience. I thought hey that's progressive and their on the cutting edge of a "mobile media" shift that's fairly new... All in all I thought "DOPE" and wanted to share that with you guys. 

More and more each day business, schools, restaurants, artist, marketers are using some form of mobile media too directly connect with their audience. It is a "cost effective" viral marketing strategy that has the propensity to generate a great deal of business and awareness. It really can't be ignored and for a business to remain relevant its obvious they have to get with the times and that's what DePaul did and I am proud of them!

To check out the "Moore Fund Challenge" click here

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